Havana, Cuba. American agents have been carrying out classified operations designed to provoke Fidel Castro. A series of hijackings unfold as Cubans take to desperate acts, commandeering planes with fake hand grenades and axes, eager to land in America. We meet a loose-knit family with a half-baked idea to pirate a commuter boat. They seize control of a small flat bottom ferry, hoping to reunite with their long-estranged relatives on the other side; hoping to start a new life, in a new place. But in the mix of hostages we soon discover a four-year old boy, an assortment of professional hustlers, two French tourists, an old fisherman, some Rastafarians, and an undercover Intelligence agent.

This is the true story of what happened on that boat and what has been left in its wake, told through the eyes of the last three men to ever face capital punishment in Cuba; during a time period now known as Black Spring.