In the 1960s a young expansion team called the Dallas Cowboys captured the attention of a nation. They did it with skill, innovation and style; but they also did it with heart. The early Cowboys were arguably one of the most colorful teams in NFL history, yet most of their story has never been told.

While blazing trails on the field, Don Meredith and his teammates were also part of a larger, singular time in history. The hard fought battles of the gridiron were played during an unprecedented cultural war: when civil rights, Vietnam, and the assassinations of our most beloved leaders were playing out in homes and communities across the country. It was a period when one national pastime was replacing another, a new America was being born, and a new young team from Dallas was right in the middle of it all.

FIRST COWBOYS is a feature documentary following the origins of a franchise, the challenging roads they travelled, and the battles fought by the first great titans of a Golden Age…

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