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The son of Dallas Cowboys football legend Don Meredith is getting behind the lens to direct a movie about the Army-Navy football game just days after the assassination of JFK.

Michael Meredith tells us the project — “The President’s Team” — will center around the 1963 Naval team and the brotherhood formed between the men on the squad. Roger Staubach, who went on to QB the Cowboys after Don, is a centerpiece of the film….[Read More]

Dallas News

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This may well be a stop-the-presses moment for Dallas Cowboys fans: There’s a Meredith-Staubach pairing in the works.

Back in 2017, The Dallas Morning News was the first to report that Michael Meredith, the son of “Dandy” Don Meredith, the first player ever signed by the Cowboys, was preparing a documentary on the Ice Bowl game played between the Cowboys and Green Bay Packers on Dec. 31, 1967…[Read More]


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Michael Meredith, son of the late Dallas Cowboy quarterback Don Meredith, has signed on to direct “The President’s Team,” a documentary about the 1963 U.S. Naval Academy football team, Variety has learned exclusively.

The film, based on the 2009 book of the same title by Michael Connelly, follows the story of commitment and camaraderie among a team of young athletes attempting to revive a nation wrought with grief — 10 days after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy…[Read More]

Baltimore Sun

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Much has been written over the years about the fabled 1963 Navy football team. That legendary squad, led by the consummate captain in Tom Lynch, certainly ranks as one of the greatest in Navy history and holds a special place in college football folklore….[Read More]

Dallas Morning News Interview

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Twenty men who played for the Dallas Cowboys during the 1960s boarded a bus Sunday morning, bound for AT&T Stadium. Filmmaker Michael Meredith calls them “First Cowboys,” a term he understands as well as anyone.

His father, quarterback Don Meredith, was the first player signed by the team, even before Tom Landry was hired as coach…[Read More]

ABC WFAA Interview

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Cowboys legends attended today’s game and are in town for Don Meredith’s son’s documentary. The film will function as a history lesson about the birth of the Cowboys franchise and the team’s impact on a region that was negatively affected after the assass…[Read More]

Espn Interview

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About five years ago, Michael Meredith was embedded with the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army in Afghanistan doing research for a script.

The village elders were wary of the soldiers, who were offering cement to rebuild a community center that had been torn apart by the ongoing war…[Read More]

Star Telegram Interview

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It’s the eyes, not the voice, that bears resemblance to his dad, Don Meredith. Few have ever had the voice of Don Meredith.

Michael Meredith is 49, and the considerable shadow created by his dad still exists but is no longer so overwhelming.

Sure, sometimes Michael got sick of it…[Read More]

NBC Dallas Interview

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A new documentary on the Dallas Cowboys, called “The First Cowboy,” will explore the impact the team had on North Texas in the 1960s.

It’s being written, produced and directed by Michael Meredith, son of legendary Cowboys great Don Meredith…[Read More]

Dallas Morning News Interview

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Michael Meredith arrived in the world on Sept. 22, 1967. Born at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, he contributed, albeit indirectly, to a car wreck when he was two days old.

His father, Dallas Cowboys great Don Meredith, sideswiped a telephone pole while racing from the hospital to the Cotton Bowl, where, two days after the birth of his son, he led the Cowboys to a 38-24 victory over the New York Giants…[Read More]